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Dust Collector Servicing

The performance of your dust collector not only relies on correct design & commissioning but also regular servicing & inspections. West Midlands Filtration Ltd provide a complete servicing solution for dust collectors, ductwork systems & hoods.

West Midlands Filtration Ltd have a skilled team of maintenance engineers who are on hand to maintain any make and model of dust collector. We can schedule your maintenance visits & base them around your shut down periods to suit your production demand. We are also available at short notice to attend site on a breakdown day or night.

Equipment we service

We are able to service equipment such as;

  • Cartridge Pulse Jet Filters
  • Bag Filters – Shaker , Pulse Jet & Reverse Air
  • Silo Venting filters & Pneumatic Conveying filters
  • High vacuum filters
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Wood Waste Filters
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We are able to provide service contracts as well as one off maintenance visits. We are able to undertake detailed internal inspections which are accompanied by a  report outlining the condition of dust collector.

Our engineers will monitor condition and differential pressure across your filters and the carry out filter changes to suit your production schedule. By implementing our maintenance schedule we will ensure that your dust collector is working efficiently and prolong the life of the unit as well as reducing compressed air & power consumption.

We are also able to offer unique modifications & upgrades to filter systems including access platforms, drop out boxes, hopper modifications, cleaning system upgrades, fan upgrades & ducting modifications.

Ducting Installations & Design Services

West Midlands Filtration Ltd offer ducting installation and design services. We are able to supply various types of ducting including spiral wound, clip lock, flanges & stainless steel. All of our ducting systems are designed using AutoCAD ensuring that the duct layout is suitable and that the system will work effectively.

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UV Dye Leak Testing

When a filter bag or cartridge fails on a large dust collector is can be very difficult to locate. Replacing all of the bags or cartridges within the unit can be extremely expensive and cause excessive down time while the maintenance is carried out. The solution is to use a UV tracer dye to identify damaged bags & cartridges as well as holes caused by corrosion & damaged seals. The UV dye is polyester based and is safe for use in most applications, it comes in 4 different colours and the colour used is dependent on the type of dust being filtered. The dye is inserted into the filter unit via an access hatch in the ducting or via a hopper door. if any bags are leaking or damaged this will show up on the clean side of the filter when inspected with a UV torch. Once a damaged bag is found it can be replaced getting the unit back into operation quickly and cost effectively.

Filter Leak testing, UV Dye Leak Testing
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