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Dust Collector Filter Cages

Filter cages are a vital component of a bag house dust collector, when filter cages become damaged they can lead to premature bag failure. This can often be caused by abrasion, sharp edges/broken stringers or from corrosion. A common mistake in bag filter maintenance is to replace the filter bags & re-install poorly maintained cages which can lead to break downs & reduced filter operational life.

Filter cages to suit any OEM bag filter

West midlands filtration can provide filter cages for any bag filter house regardless of original manufacture. We are able to supply traditional round cages, star shaped cages for pleated bags & flat filter cages for envelope filters.

Material choices to suit any application

To ensure that your dust collector is running as efficiently as possible we supply a number of materials & finishes for all of the cages we supply. The following finishes & materials are available;

  • Mild Steel Galvanised
  • Mild Steel Copper Washed
  • Mild Steel Powdercoated
  • Stainless Steel 304L
  • Stainless Steel 316L

Our cages can be supplied in virtually any configuration and can be joined together for ease of installation , we can offer split cages in lengths of up to 9m for use in heavy industrial de-dusting applications such as WTE , Cement , Steel making & Minerals.

As well as Cylindrical filter cages we are also able to supply star shaped cages for pleated bags as well as flat cages suitable for Dalamatic filter units.

We are also able to supply spun venture to suit our filter cages.

Filter cage ordering guide

To allow us to properly process your order please supply the following information:

  • Total length of the filter cage , this is normally 30mm shorter than the filter bag length
  • Cage outer diameter over stringers
  • Number of rings & pitches
  • Number of stringers
  • Number of rings & pitches
  • If joints are required
  • Bottom cap style & dimensions
  • Material required & finish
  • Venturi style if required

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