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Oil Mist & Smoke Filtration –
Mann + Hummel

Mann+Hummel has been a filtration specialist for more than 75 years. ScandMist is a product of this experience and expertise. Mann + Hummel Life Sciences & Environment Division design a range of industrial extraction that use a modular filter system to eliminate oil smoke, oil mist and emulsion mists for a clean and safe workshop environment. Contact between metalworking fluids and the skin can result in dermatitis. And more severely, inhaling lubricant mist or smoke can lead to a range of respiratory illnesses, including industrial asthma and extrinsic allergic alveolitis. So, it’s vital to capture industrial pollution at source, the moment it is generated, to mitigate the risk to employees.

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Mann + Hummel extraction systems removes fumes, emissions and other harmful by-products of metalworking processes at source with a three-stage filtration process. The clean air is returned directly to the workshop and exceeds international health and safety standards for exposure limits to metalworking fluids.

With pre-filter efficiencies of greater than 95%, final filter life is measured in years rather than months. The final filter is a H13 Hepa that provides 99.95% efficiency which means that your workshop is free from hazardous particles, giving you a clean and safe workshop environment.

The Mann + Hummel Range

  • Machining – Milling, turning, drilling
  • Grinding
  • EDM
  • Forming/Pressing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Die Casting
  • Textiles
  • Rubber and Plastics
  • Soldering/Laser Cutting

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