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Oil Mist & Smoke Filtration for industrial machining applications

Oil mist & smoke can be difficult to remove from an air stream, tiny particles of oil often pass through conventional filter media & is deposited in the air & in the surrounding area. West Midlands Filtration have a comprehensive range of oil mist & smoke filters which are designed to remove oil & coolant mist from applications such as Machining, heat Treatment, Grinding Die Casting, Textile Manufacture, Rubbers & Plastics & Food.

The solution to these type of applications is to use multiple stage of filter media which is densely packed into allow air to pass through while removing particles of oil mist, smoke & particulate matter.

All of our filters are equipped with coalescing media & HEPA grade filters which are able to remove particulate matter & ensure that the air is 99.97% free from harmful particles larger or equal to 0.3 microns. This means that filtered air can be recycled & retuned to the work area. This offers a saving on installing costly ductwork as well as ensuring that heat is not wasted by being vented to atmosphere.

As an additional option we are able top supply a activated charcoal filter cartridge. This will remove an smells & fumes from your process so you & your employees can breath easily.

Applications & Industries

Absolent & Filtermist have a wide range of products which are suitable for a number of industries such as;

  • Grinding (cutting fluid emulsion)
  • Turning (cutting fluid emulsion)
  • Milling (cutting fluid emulsion)
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Machining, using straight oil and moderate loads

West midlands filtration & Filtermist

West midlands filtration are able to supply the full range of Absolent & Filtermist dust & fume collectors as well as spare filters & consumable items. As an approved supplier we are able to supply, install & commission a LEV system to suit your equipment.

Our skilled engineers will undertake a turnkey installation including fan starter, ducting/flexible hose & commissioning of the unit.

Case Study – Inkjet Printer Fumes

Inkjet printing of textiles can create harmful fumes which are laden with solvent mist as well as ink mist. As printed fabric is returned over the calendar the ink becomes hot & gives off mist & smoke which contain fibrous particulate as well as ink mist. Traditional mobile dust & mist collectors had proved in effective at controlling fume & particulate.  The porous foam media & traditional cellulose paper HEPA Filter become blocked quickly with the high particulate load.

Absolent to the rescue

Our solution was to install a compact A-Mist 10s filter unit, with a volumetric flow rate of 600 m3/hr & two stage smoke & mist filter we were able to completely remove the smoke & mist produced by the process. The HEPA filter installed with the A-Mist 10s removed 99.9% of all particles allowing the operators to breath easy while the unit was running.

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